Ruth McDonald ©  2019

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Ruth McDonald


Carborundum print based on being underground,

26.5x 19.5 cm, 2010,

Woodsend Tree

Deep carborundum print of the woods,

66.5 x 100,

Transience of Time

Carborundum and Collagraph featuring script

42 x 59 cm,

Tree of Hosts

Silk screen and carborundum print based on the tree of life,   66.5 x 100 cm,

Under Water

Deep carborundum print

 50 x 66cm,  

Moon Gazer

Carborundum and chine colle a/p

50 x 66cm

Folkstone Cliffs

Deep carborundum a/p based on Folkston cliffs

100 x 55cm,  

Moon Machine

Carborundum and chine colle print a/p

 50 x 66cm,  

Selection of Carborundum prints

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